Heartbeat of Plymouth Festival Photography | Tom Libertiny

Increase Awareness | Video

The Heartbeat of Plymouth Festival is held annually in Plymouth, Michigan.  Organized and sponsored by 5 community churches its intent is to create a bridge between different faiths by focusing on the core beliefs of each faith.  The festival features Christian music, inspirational speakers, community service projects, as well as children and teen activities.

<em>Heartbeat of Plymouth Festival</em> Photography | Tom Libertiny

Heartbeat of Plymouth Festival
Photography | Tom Libertiny

The volunteer organization has done excellent work creating content, activities, and hiring musical artists for entertainment.  It’s a great example of volunteers working together at the grass-roots level to organize a unique event.

Challenge | Awareness

For many events, especially those in the early stages of a multi-year endeavour, community awareness was a challenge for the organizers.

<em>Heartbeat of Plymouth Festival</em> Photography | Tom Libertiny

Heartbeat of Plymouth Festival
Photography | Tom Libertiny

Strategy | Awareness Through Focus

For the 2015 festival, I teamed up with the event organizers to develop an awareness strategy.  Because the festival is intentionally broad-based so that there’s something for everyone across all age groups, I recommended selecting music as the focal point for awareness because it’s something everyone has in common–love for music.

Campaign | Christian Music

Our team created a centralized website from which the members of each participating church as well as media could find compelling content to promote the event through social media and traditional media (Examples:  newspaper, radio, and TV). www.HeatbeatOfPlymouthFestival.com

Next we worked with the local artists and the talent agencies representing the national acts who were scheduled to perform to create a compelling video promotion.  The video was placed on YouTube and the festival’s website so that it could be easily shared via social media.

Campaign | Post-festival 

Our team then attended the festival and captured photographs and video.  We created a post festival See You Next Year video with highlights from the 2015 festival.  This was the final piece of our strategy and was effectively used via social media as a reminder about how much fun this year’s festival was and that next year’s festival (2016) was right around the corner.

Results | Awareness Noticeably Increased. 

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