A list of Tips, Tools, and References that I find useful.  I’m not affiliated with any external websites or businesses.



Tip | 5 Digital Advertising Strategies You Should Be Using

Tip | 5 Most Common Advertising Techniques

Tip | Google AdWords Best Practices

Tip | Smartphone Advertising Tips

Tip | Vimeo’s 9 Tips for Creating Killer Product Videos

Tip | YouTube Brandcast Advertising



E-mail Service | MailChimp



Book | Leading Change



Book | Blue Ocean Strategy

Book | Marketing the Arts to Death

Tip | Give You Client What They Need

Tip | Redefining How Hollywood Works

Tip | Successful Social Media Strategy | 5 Things Your Video Must Include

Tip | The Story of Maybe | Facebook Like vs. YouTube Subscribe

Tip | Why Online Video is a Must Have for your Mobile Marketing Strategy


 Video Interview

Tip | Is the purpose of an interview the story or the interview itself?



Tip | 5 Things Your Website Must Include

Is your website “mobile friendly?” | Test it with Google

Social media questions | Reddit Social Media

Website building | WordPress



Blogging | Seth Godin

Economonics | World Economic Forum

Grammar | Grammar Girl

Poetry | Academy of American Poets

Surveys | SurveyMonkey

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