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Land of Gertrude & Grace Photography | Tom Libertiny

Null Paradox | News

We’re making some great progress with Null Paradox, our interactive rock opera.  Since my last update, we’ve completed Love or Destiny, our second music album and began shooting a short movie called Who Killed Grace? (working title was Addiction). What’s Coming Up Next Completing the first short movie.  While I revise the script and set design,…

Dr. Temple Grandin

Autism | Temple Grandin | Video

I just finished reading the book The Autistic Mind: Thinking Across the Spectrum by Dr. Temple Grandin.  She’s a scientist who happens to be autistic.  What drew me to her book is my research into what motivates the character of Gertrude in my Null Paradox series of books:  Gertrude & Grace and the upcoming Seth & Victoria.  And more…