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Bryce Canyon Bryce Canyon, Utah Photography | Tom Libertiny

Minimalism | Nature

With our ongoing work on Garden Moxie, I’ve taken time during our travels to look at minimalism in nature.  What struck me was while nature could appear to be simple from a distance, up close it’s amazingly complex.  Here’s a series of three photographs that compares the root and branch systems of plants in Colorado…

Ayrton Senna

Senna | Sunday Morning Drive | Video

Back in 2015, I began research for a movie about Ayrton Senna, one of the finest racing drivers the world has ever witnessed.  There’s been several excellent documentary movies about Senna, including this one from 2011. Our movie is different.  It’s based on Aryton’s life but is fictionalized.  We explore what it will take to find…

Null Paradox | Denial Actor | Analise Rios Concept & Photography | Tom Libertiny Illustration | Ana Cruz Costume | AJ Martina Key HUMA | Charlee HM Assistant hair and makeup |Tracy Noe, Adam Hynes, Ashley Roos

Null Paradox | Denial

Many talented people on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean worked on Denial, the first song from Null Paradox’s upcoming third album, Victoria & Seth. Our song is available on: Amazon Apple iTunes Bandcamp CDBaby Google Play   Denial Vocals (Victoria)~Analise Rios Guitars~Chris Mick Bass, keyboards, guitars~Tom Libertiny Guitars~Jason Groves Drums~Bryan Reilly Produced by Tom…

Garden Moxie

Garden Moxie | Gardens, Art, Travel

Back in 2017 October I wrote about a new magazine that Susan and I were planning that combines our love for Gardens, Art, and Travel. Garden Moxie has now launched with our first articles and photographs bringing you the extreme natural gardens found in Mukuntuweap National Monument (later renamed to Zion National Park) and Bryce…

Chart 1 | 2018 Entertainment Survey | Men Top 3 Choices Survey | Tom Libertiny

2018 Entertainment Survey | Men

Results and observations from my 2018 entertainment survey about men and their entertainment choices. Observations This year, men started showing signs of attending events on a weekly basis (Reference | Chart 3) which is a complete change from the results of in 2016.  On the other hand, from 2016 to today, women have moved away from…

Chart 1 | 2018 Entertainment Survey | Women Top 3 Choices Survey | Tom Libertiny

2018 Entertainment Survey | Women

Results and observations from my 2018 entertainment survey about women and their entertainment choices. Observations 1. For women who watch movies at theaters, pricing was a major consideration. In most markets, $10 to $20 was the new acceptable range. This was a pricing increase from the results of my 2016 survey. 2. For women who…

Null Paradox Concept & Photography | Tom Libertiny


I recently learned a new word from my friend Charlee HM:  scheming. Sounds ominous. But the context in which she used it was her observation of the planning that AJ Martina and I were doing while on the recent Gothic Girl Art Magazine photoshoot with Charlee.  And in that context, yes, AJ and I were scheming.…

Gothic Girl Art Magazine

Gothic Girl | Art Magazine

Somehow, our magazine’s relaunch got away from me.  By two years.  But, with the help of friends who have been with us for years and some new friends, we’re relaunching it during 2017 June. Thank you to everyone who has offered to contribute to our magazine.  It’ll take us a few months to respond to your…

Hawaiian House Marshall, Michigan Photography | Tom Libertiny

Minimalism | Hawaiian House

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” | Leonardo da Vinci I started my Minimalism project at the beginning of 2017.  As my travels spiral outward from Detroit, here’s a series from my recent trip to Hawaiian House in Marshall Michigan.  Click HERE for more Minimalism.