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Gothic Girl Art Magazine | 2017 October Concept & Photography | Tom Libertiny Model | Jenna Ode Costume | Andrew Martina MUHA | Charlee HM Assistant MUHA | Tracy Noe

New Gardening Magazine

Following our 4,500 mile road trip from Detroit to Mukuntuweap National Monument in Utah, Susan and I had decided:  it was time to combine our love for gardens, art, and travel into a new magazine. Our conversation had started during the shoot for the 2017 October issue of Gothic Girl Art Magazine, which is set in Susan’s…

Gothic Girl Art Magazine

Gothic Girl | Art Magazine

Somehow, our magazine’s relaunch got away from me.  By two years.  But, with the help of friends who have been with us for years and some new friends, we’re relaunching it during 2017 June. Thank you to everyone who has offered to contribute to our magazine.  It’ll take us a few months to respond to your…