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Now | 2018

I first came across Derik Sivers Now concept at the end of 2016.  One of the things I love about his concept is that it’s forward-looking.  I’m a person who learns what I can from the past and then I continue to move forward.  Dwelling on things and people who “could’ve” or “should’ve” is not in my…

End of the Road Photography | Tom Libertiny

Winter | Holiday

It’s a cold winters day.  The perfect time to take a look back on a year.  More importantly, it’s time to look forward to next year with family and friends.  Happy New Year!  

Job Interviews | Winning

We’ve recently completed a two-month long process of interviewing people for a job.  Over 300 hundred people applied and, as usual, it was as much of a learning process for us as it was for the people who we interviewed. Over the last 10 years, we’ve developed a process of screening applicants that addresses both…

Aspens Vail, Colorado Photography | Tom Libertiny

Aspen Trees | Life

Aspen trees are beautiful. But there’s much more happening underground with them that leads to their remarkable life. One of the unusual things about Aspen trees is that the “tree” part that we view is actually equivalent to an air root.  Simply put, the actual tree lives underground and what we normally think of as a…

Gothic Girl Art Magazine | 2017 October Concept & Photography | Tom Libertiny Model | Jenna Ode Costume | Andrew Martina MUHA | Charlee HM Assistant MUHA | Tracy Noe

New Gardening Magazine

Following our 4,500 mile road trip from Detroit to Mukuntuweap National Monument in Utah, Susan and I had decided:  it was time to combine our love for gardens, art, and travel into a new magazine. Our conversation had started during the shoot for the 2017 October issue of Gothic Girl Art Magazine, which is set in Susan’s…

Quiet Lake Leelanau, Michigan Photography | Tom Libertiny


Fire your bombs, blast them into the hot night Death’s a brief transition, gruesome he’d say; Dissolve your fears, in the misty dawn’s light Long years he schemed, a learned man sans delight Before living for two taught him the way Fire your bombs, blast them into the hot night Noble beginnings, his story burned…

Projecting | Yourself

One of the interesting things about writing a book or music and then making the work available to everyone is the reader’s or listener’s feedback. One of my professor’s hated when I used the word “interesting” in a discussion because it didn’t tell him much about my viewpoint, which is what he was looking for…