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I recently learned a new word from my friend Charlee HM:  scheming. Sounds ominous. But the context in which she used it was her observation of the planning that AJ Martina and I were doing while on the recent Gothic Girl Art Magazine photoshoot with Charlee.  And in that context, yes, AJ and I were scheming.…

Ryan Tang

One-Person | Listening Tour

Let’s just get this out-of-the-way:  regardless of your political affiliation, the 2016 U.S. presidential election was ugly.  I’m all for being scrappy, but not in the traditional Webster’s dictionary sense.  I am all about being scrappy in the sense of being the underdog and working to achieve success.  That’s what I expect out of myself…

Tom Sodoge

Post-Internet Era | Part 1

A lot has been written about Net Neutrality since Tom Wheeler, who headed the FCC under President Obama’s administration, reversed his original decision to reduce neutrality due to public outcry. Now, Ajit Pai, President Trump’s FCC chief, has ended net neutrality as we know it. Or has he? In a series of articles, we’ll examine:…

Tom Libertiny | Now

Now | 2018

I first came across Derik Sivers Now concept at the end of 2016.  One of the things I love about his concept is that it’s forward-looking.  I’m a person who learns what I can from the past and then I continue to move forward.  Dwelling on things and people who “could’ve” or “should’ve” is not in my…

End of the Road Photography | Tom Libertiny

Winter | Holiday

It’s a cold winters day.  The perfect time to take a look back on a year.  More importantly, it’s time to look forward to next year with family and friends.  Happy New Year!  

Aspens Vail, Colorado Photography | Tom Libertiny

Aspen Trees | Life

Aspen trees are beautiful. But there’s much more happening underground with them that leads to their remarkable life. One of the unusual things about Aspen trees is that the “tree” part that we view is actually equivalent to an air root.  Simply put, the actual tree lives underground and what we normally think of as a…