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Occasionally, we all need some time away from–all of it.

Since my last post during June 2018 I’ve rethought what it means to be an artist and also the business of art.

I’ve also done a lot of experimenting in both areas by participating in a self-imposed 100 Day Challenge in writing that was suggested by the actions of artist Jo Cleary and her own violin challenge.

While the overall purpose of my reboot was to set an updated course for 2019, it was also to find ways of creating art in the areas of writing, music, and visual media that didn’t include the use of a computer screen.  Thankfully, it turns out that pen and paper is still a viable alternative when writing stories and music.  Photography doesn’t require a computer screen either.  The only casualty was the creation of anything that took a long time in front of a computer screen–longer than 5 minutes in my case.

At the end of November, I’ll have completed my 100 Day Challenge–the start of a new story everyday.  Although I stretched that strict definition a bit, I’ll have many new artistic endeavours to flesh-out along with the ones that I’ve been working on that continue to be exciting.

Equally important, I have a new artistic strategy in place that intentionally limits the number of projects I work on each year.  My mission is to start and complete more projects while continuing to increase the quality of each project in concept, writing, and execution.


Which brings us to my new artistic business strategy (that’s a mouthful to say).  I’ve always been interested in the behind-the-scenes (BTS) story of an artist as a way of understanding them and their process of artistic expression.  But when I read or watch BTS stories about other artists, they usually seem 2-dimensional.  And when I contrast this with the great storytelling of an artist like John “JR” Robinson, well, it’s just a day and night comparison.

JR’s stories are vivid, inspirational, and educational.

With RED and BLACK, it’s my mission to show the BTS process for things like writing music, photoshoots, and short movies.

My motivation is to help inspire and educate other artists.

It’s not completely altruistic–the world needs more artists.

And I need to hire more artists for the many projects that my 100 Day Challenge has spun off.


I’m starting with photoshoots because it’s inherently visual.  This website has been updated and will be the home of the RED collection of BTS stories and videos.  It’s an opportunity to see one particular team of people achieve storytelling through photography and how much planning it takes before you push the shutter button on a camera.

I’m also working on a How-To book called Concept that will delve further into the creation of avant garde photography.  The book will be the first in the BLACK collection.


As soon as the 100 Day Challenge ends during 2018 December, I’ll write a series of articles about what I’ve learned as an artist and the business of art.  Lot’s of graphs and charts in these articles to make it visual and easy-to-understand.

As I wrote earlier, It’s my hope that RED and BLACK will help to inspire and educate.

Oh, and I need to hire more artists for the many projects that I have in development.  The concepts in RED and BLACK will give us a great starting point for an interesting conversation.


You’re invited to join my E-mail list to find out about the latest projects I’m looking for help on as well as the latest BTS video before it’s released to the public.

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