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I first came across Derik Sivers Now concept at the end of 2016.  One of the things I love about his concept is that it’s forward-looking.  I’m a person who learns what I can from the past and then I continue to move forward.  Dwelling on things and people who “could’ve” or “should’ve” is not in my nature.

After reading Derik’s E-mail about his concept, I immediately set up my own Now page HERE which I regularly update.  Now accomplishes 3 things:

  1. Staying on track:  it’s an electronic post-it note.  I know what I’ve signed-up to accomplish and my family and friends can join in on the adventure.
  2. Culling the List: if something is on my Now list for more than two years, it gets deleted–I’ve clearly lost interest or it was never that interesting to begin with.
  3. Quality Communications: I measured how much time I spent on social media and electronic communications.  I found that the quantity of time spent and frequency of my communications had skyrocketed–to no ones benefit.  That was a sobering number to review.  But it also helped me to act.  Right away, I let my family and friends know how to reach me in an emergency.  I also let them know that I was about to massively reduce my time on social media and electronic communications.  Examples:  I deleted all my social apps except YouTube (host for my Multimedia projects), Instagram (photographs for my family and friends with links to the stories on this website), Pinterest (research), and Twitter (fast-breaking news).  While I still have a personal Facebook and LinkedIn account, I only check them once per year–I’ll likely delete both during 2018.  Also, I check E-mail 3 times per week.  I’ve turned off my phone’s notifications for social media and E-mail.

The results:  in 2017 I was blessed to work with a great team of people who focused on creating art.  Some of these people I’ve worked with for years.  Others are new who I met exclusively thorough referrals and while traveling.

Is Now for you?  If you want to free up time in your day, then the concept and philosophy of Now could be for you.  Similar to being successful in physical fitness or eating right; to free up time using this concept, you must make it an active part of your life.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish with an extra hour a day if you stop watching videos, playing video games, or looking through social media.  An hour a day, every day, equates to over 15 extra days per year that you’ve gained–that’s half a month a year you now have available.

A few family and friends have successfully integrated electronic communications, such as social media, into their lives.  I applaud them for making it a positive part of their lives.  If you’re one of these people, then Now isn’t for you.

But the concept of measuring what exactly you do, 24 hours per day, for 30 days could be for you.  I did something similar several years ago when I decided to change my eating habits.  It’s remarkable what simply writing down everything I ate did to open my eyes to my junk-food consumption.  Eight weeks later and my life had changed for the better because I embraced what I had learned after measuring what I ate.  Measuring what I did with my time resulted in a positive change to my life.  And measuring what you do with your time can do the same for you.

What are you doing Now?  Please send me a note!

Interested, in staying in touch?  You’re invited to periodically check out my Now page.  Or, if you prefer to be notified when I post something new, you’re invited to join my E-mail list.

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