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Null Paradox | Finding Grace

We’re doing preliminary work in preparation for the 2018 Null Paradox tour, our interactive rock opera.  Set in the world of Steampunk, our show is about two blood sisters, Gertrude and Grace, and their struggle to decide between pursuing their destiny or the love of their life.

During our show, our audience becomes the show and our singers and actors become the audience to the point that our audience decides how our show will end.

USA Today says “If you love rock music and live theater, this is the best of both worlds.”

We have a wonderful cast of characters including Lauren Zoeller as Gertrude and Eric Scott Baker as The Bully.  But we’re missing our Grace.

We’ve had the privilege of working with actress Jill Billingsley, who plays the part of Grace in our movies. But no matter what Lauren and I say or do, Jill has decided that being an actress, model, author, and skate board designer takes up 30 of her available 24 hours in each day!

So, Betty Riggs (co-director) and I are headed to Nashville on December 3 to meet with Lauren as we hold auditions in search of a singer/actress to play the part of Grace for our live shows.

If you’re Grace or know of someone who is, please contact Null Paradox HERE |>


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