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One of the interesting things about writing a book or music and then making the work available to everyone is the reader’s or listener’s feedback.

One of my professor’s hated when I used the word “interesting” in a discussion because it didn’t tell him much about my viewpoint, which is what he was looking for in our classroom.  For clarity:  it’s interesting because if the work of art is done well, then people project their own viewpoint onto your work.  Sometimes very vigorously.

I believe that the more vigorously someone projects their viewpoint is truly a measure of success; regardless if the person loves or hates the work.

For example

I’ve received some thundering written and verbal complaints about how ambiguous the words (book) and lyrics (music) I’ve written can seem.  But my intent in writing is for you to discover yourself within the structure of the book and music.  This is just like life:  I don’t presume to tell you what you should or should not think–it’s all up to you.

My mission is to create the atmosphere and structure so you can discover yourself.

Why?  Because I find that when I project myself onto someone else’s work, I learn more about myself.  You may find that doing the same thing is interesting.

For another viewpoint on projecting yourself, please watch Derek Siver’s video below at the 14:10 mark.

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