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“Think of what you’d tell a friend you hadn’t seen in a year.”  I had the opportunity to meet Derek Sivers, the author of this quote, after he had founded  It’s been years since he sold CDBaby and its been fun to learn about him and occasionally communicate with him as he reinvents himself, which he’s done more times than I can remember.

At the end of 2016 December, I was looking for a way to communicate the projects I was presently working on and the ones on the horizon to my family, friends, and colleagues scattered across earth.  Having intentionally ended my personal relationship with social media a few years ago (waste of time), with the exception of an occasional post to my private Instagram account, I stumbled across Derek’s idea of creating a Now page on this website.  Today, I use this website and texting as my primary means of communicating.

For anyone checking:  yes, I do have active business related accounts on social media.  All of the content that is posted on those accounts come from this website.  The process is simple:  I create content here (multimedia in nature) and other people re-post and administer what I’ve created on social media.  I do actively use YouTube and Pinterest for business primarily as research tools for projects that are in the conceptual stage.

At the six month mark of 2017, here’s what I’m working on Now.

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