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In an ideal world, the quality of your content (writing and performance/acting) and production would be of equal quality.

But, sometimes time and cost don’t allow for both.  So which should you choose?


While quality production can add the ultimate glow of professionalism, if your story and acting are weak, high quality production is pointless.  People connect with stories and the people who tell the stories.

Here are two examples:

Juan Browne

Juan’s day job is an American Airlines 777 pilot.  During his days off and prior to flights he’s a tireless citizen reporter who I’ve written about in an earlier tip HERE.  If you watch his videos, he’ll be the first one to admit that while his production values are improving, he doesn’t have the time or money to do a first-class job.  Yet, his reports on major events around his home in California are amazing because he tells a good story with accurate information and he does so with the authority of someone who has obviously done detailed research.

Here’s a sample video from Juan Browne.

Spike TV

This second example comes from Spike TVs Lip Sync Battles.  I never heard of the show until I was on YouTube looking for Juan Browne’s latest video.  YouTube’s algorithms decided that Lip Sync Battles would go well with Juan’s video–bizarre.

The first video I came across was a battle between Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Channing’s performance is daring, includes high production values, and a guest appearance by Beyoncé.  But Jenna completely hits it out of the park because her story is a spoof on her husband’s appearance in the movie Magic Mike.  And her performance as an actress and dancer is electrifying.  While her production is supportive, it’s nowhere near the level of her husband’s.  She complete carries the video through her story and personality.

Here’s the video.

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