Concept art for Seth Null Paradox Illustration by Ana Cruz

Addiction | Movie

“Which leads us to a new short film we’ve just completed shooting called Addiction…”

Those were some of the words that I wrote back on 2017 March 3.

Addiction | Null Paradox Written & Directed | Tom Libertiny

Addiction | Null Paradox
Written & Directed | Tom Libertiny

At the time we did think that we’d completed shooting.  But, after a couple of draft edits of our movie, we learned what Woody Allen learned years ago when he filmed and then re-filmed his movie September:  sometimes you’re not done when you think you are.

After viewing the movie with Betty Riggs (Assistant Director) we decided that we can do even better.

We’re going to re-shoot the first half of our movie.  This involves working on the script, working with our actors, and building sets for several scenes.

Yes, it’s a lot of work, but we want to get our story right.

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