Peter Brook

Peter Brook | I’m not a Director, I’m a Collaborator | Video

Remarkable interview of stage and movie director Peter Brook by Charlie Rose.

Question|  You’re a director.  Peter Brook’s response|  “I’m not a director, I’m a collaborator.”

Peter Brook

Peter Brook

Question|  You’re always thinking about the future…  Peter Brook’s response| “I’m thinking about the present, what is happening today.”

Question| How could a Shakespeare have written as he did?  Peter Brook’s response|  “This is the most scandalous, snobbish attitude [how could an educated man from the country write in this way].”

Question|  Why are you obsessed by minimalism in theatre?  Peter Brook’s response|  “I started with a love for trying out everything.  I gradually began to see that we don’t need [these things].”

Charlie Rose|  “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  But in a sense, it’s imitation.”

Between Two Silences by Peter Brook.

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