Michael Beinhorn

Michael Beinhorn | What is a music producer? | Video

Soundgarden| Superunknown.  Herbie Hancock| Future Shock.  Red Hot Chili Peppers| Mother’s Milk.  Mew| +-.  These are just a few of the albums that Michael Beinhorn has produced.

Michael Beinhorn

Michael Beinhorn

His wonderful book Unlocking Creativity: A Producer’s Guide to Making Music and Art is not another book about the correct microphone selection and placement for bass drum.  While microphone selection is important, there’s plenty of books on that subject.  Instead, he delves into what a producer should and should not be doing to help an artist achieve their vision.  In a word:  collaboration

Many thanks to Jason Groves at Sneak Attack Studios for recommending Michael’s book.

Interview with Michael Beinhorn (interview begins at time mark 13:20)

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