Chart 1 | 2016 Entertainment Survey | WomenTop 3 Entertainment Choices Survey | Tom Libertiny

2016 Entertainment Survey | Women

Results of my 2016 entertainment survey for women.  Here’s some of my survey results and observations.

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With the exception of women over the age of 60, two distinct groups emerged:

<strong>Chart 1</strong> | 2016 Entertainment Survey | Women. <em>Top 3 Entertainment Choices</em> Survey | Tom Libertiny

Chart 1 | 2016 Entertainment Survey
| Women Top 3 Entertainment Choices
Survey | Tom Libertiny

1. Women who regularly view entertainment outside of their home: typically movies. For those patrons, pricing was a major consideration. In most markets, $10 was the maximum price per ticket that they were willing to pay (Reference | Charts 1, 2, and 3).

<strong>Chart 1</strong> | 2016 Entertainment Survey | Women<em>Top 3 Decision Factors</em> Survey | Tom Libertiny

Chart 2 | 2016 Entertainment Survey
| Women Top 3 Decision Factors
Survey | Tom Libertiny

2. For women who were less frequent patrons of entertainment outside of their home (Reference | Chart 3), they selected special events: primarily concerts (Reference | Chart 1). It wasn’t surprising that money was less of an issue, with the majority of women stating that they’d pay in excess of $50 per ticket.

<strong>Chart 3</strong> | 2016 Entertainment Survey | Women<em>Frequency of Attendance</em> Survey | Tom Libertiny

Chart 3 | 2016 Entertainment Survey
| Women Frequency of Attendance
Survey | Tom Libertiny

Additional Observations

Depending on the frequency of patronage, pricing could be an important factor. As an entertainment provider, would you rather provide the same audience with different content on a weekly basis for $10 or a different audience a new event on a less frequent basis when money is less of a concern?

More importantly, can you find content providers and create a business model that combines the best of both worlds: different content on a weekly basis attended by a different weekly audience?

The benefit of this model: A much more diversified and larger overall audience that is more recession- proof. This model also leads to much greater word-of-mouth advertising for your content and venue: the most effective form of advertising. And, it may lead to potentially higher profit margins depending on the content you choose to provide.

One Last Word

While pricing was important for a frequent entertainment patron, a high quality venue (Examples: Good quality service, cleanliness, safe, easy-to-find, and available parking) and unique stories came in 2nd and 3rd place (Reference | Chart 2).

As an entertainment venue owner, does your venue measure up? As an artist, does your content measure up?

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